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      Azara Images is a Northern California Photographer who specializes in intimate portrait, wedding and birth photography. Offering genuine storytelling with a candid and artistic approach, Azara Images captures moments of grace and sincerity that are often unseen, creating a collection of elegant, authentic images that celebrate the very essence of this time in your life. Based in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, Azara Images offers birth photography in the surrounding Foothills, the Sacramento Valley and the greater Bay Area. Offering portrait and wedding photography worldwide.  Azara Images is willing to travel anywhere to make meaningful photographs.

      Hey, I'm Cathlene

      A Northern California Photographer who worships the sun & loves to dance. An Iranian American woman, sister, friend and ally. A storyteller who documents connection & genuine human emotion.
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      "I have been photographed by Cathlene many times. Each time I have come away with a collection of images that capture the very essence of that time in my life, and it is truly wonderful to be able to look back and see these chapters so beautifully framed.
      Something about her as a person cuts right to the core, her gentle intelligence and bold compassion create a space which allows emotions to come to the surface and be photographed. Joy, tenderness, vulnerability, surprise, excitement, satisfaction, humour... and love. All the feelings that come up in these great moments, are right there in every image. Her dedication to her art, her integrity as a person and her natural talents combine to make her both a joy to work with and a consummate professional who will always deliver a beautiful image."

      -Hannah Pearl


      "Cathlene was the perfect choice to photograph our son’s birth. She completely understood what we were looking for. We weren’t sure how comfortable we’d be with a stranger sharing such an intimate time with us, but from the moment we met her, she felt more like an old friend than our photographer.
      Cathlene has a natural and contagious peace about her.  With all the stress and emotions running through the day, her calming presence and encouraging words helped us relax and fully experience the miracle before our eyes. When we received our completed gallery a few weeks later, tears streamed down both of our faces as we moved from image to image. Cathlene captured each moment with a depth we didn’t think possible.  Her photographs included instances we expected and so many we didn’t. The sweet beauty of our parents as they became grandparents for the first time, the anticipation and then intense joy as we witnessed our child’s first breath. We are extremely grateful for the care taken in capturing the sweetest moment of our lives."

      -Patrick & Savannah


      "Cathlene photographed our wedding and we were absolutely delighted with how everything turned out. She has been a dream to work with and puts so much care into her work. Her images are candid and intimate. Highly recommend!"

      -Acacia & Donald Fisher


      "Wow...just wow....we’ve been soaking in the amazing story you’ve captured in our photos. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift!!  We are both so happy with how everything turned out and can’t even begin to choose our favorites.
      Many thanks for all you have done for us on this adventure!!!"



      "When you’re pregnant you imagine how it’s going to feel to hold that baby in your arms; to feel their tiny breath on your neck; their heartbeat outside of your body; to gaze at their delicate and unique features. Having held their rhythms so close to your own during these months, you feel you will know them instantly the moment they arrive; like greeting a new part of you.  
       But when they come you can’t help but look at them in awe and wonder, realizing you have so much to learn about them. For despite the profound miracle that you were a part of creating them, which makes them—in part—yours, they are also entirely their own. 
      And that is the supreme gift of motherhood/parenthood—to spend an eternity exploring and discovering who that person is. Marigold came into our world only weeks ago, but I have already sensed her power and felt the healing spirit she holds. She is strong. She is a protector. I can’t wait to know her more. But for tonight I’ll kiss her soft head, stroke her tiny cheek, and thank God that I have the honor to raise her. 
      Knowing this would be our last baby made me want to capture the intimate parts of this emotional and physical journey. 
      A friend connected me to Cathlene @azaraimages. She offered not only her highly developed photography talents, but the gifts of her support and presence. She seamlessly became part of our birth story and left us with an incredible series of images I will forever cherish. 
      So although you may be hesitant to hire a “stranger” to be at your birth, you will not regret having Cathlene there to record these intense and beautiful moments of life. 
      Cathlene is professional, yet personal. Her candid style allows her to photograph the intimate spaces without feeling intrusive. She captures the space in between—the tenderness, joy, humor, anticipation, satisfaction, power, excitement, and love that are present as another human is brought into the world. I would highly recommend her for any of your photography needs!"

      -Maren Richards


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