What follows is the successful East Bay birth story of a courageous first time mother:

      When Aisan planned the birth of her first child, she focused on her most important priorities. She researched and created a plan to help her be as comfortable and supported as she could. Her own mother, who she deeply wanted by her side, wasn’t able to make it despite numerous efforts. Her parents were denied a travel visa under the Trump administration’s travel ban. So Aisan invited her mother’s sister to support and nurture her during the birth. Aisan’s aunt was by her side every step of the way, and had her mother on the phone as much as possible.

      Aisan carefully chose a hospital she felt comfortable with. Although she lived over an hour away, she decided on a private hospital in San Ramon, an East Bay city in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Ramon Regional Medical Center proudly offers “Family Centered Care”, which was very important to Asian and her husband. Through the Family Birthing Center, they were also able to have a primary doctor who spoke their and their family’s native language of Farsi, which helped them feel extra supported as they prepared for the birth of their daughter. They planned to have a medicated birth and preferred a vaginal delivery, but trusted their medical team’s advice if complications should occur.

      Aisan’s husband Mehdi would be with her for the entire birth, making sure she was nurtured, hydrated and well cared for. Aisan also hired a birth photographer so the first moments of her daughter’s life would be documented, and she could reflect on her birth story later and share it with her mother and her daughter one day.

      Although her mother wasn’t able to be with her, Asian had a trusting attitude surrounding her birth because she chose a birth team, a hospital and family support system she felt comfortable with and could rely on. 

      Her birth story began a week before her due date during a fierce winter rain storm in the East Bay. She had four days of consecutive contractions. She labored at home for three days, going into the hospital to be checked periodically. She experienced ongoing discomfort and pain during these three days, but her husband supported her with massage and loving presence, and she kept in close contact with her mother, aunt and myself, her birth photographer. 

      Day four she was finally admitted to the hospital and given some pain relief meds before she was dilated enough to get an epidural. This gave her the relief she needed to rest before birthing her daughter. She was supported by the staff at her birthing center to be as comfortable as possible while she waited, and when she was finally ready, the epidural helped immensely with the pain. Aisan was lucky that her epidural was administered perfectly and that her body reacted in a positive way. Her epidural gave her relief from pain, but she could still move her legs and feel the urge to push. 

      Although the beginning of her labor lasted a few days, she only pushed for around 30 minutes instead of the 3 hours the doctors predicted it would take to push out a baby with an epidural. And just like that- all the waiting was over.

      In an incredible sweep of confidence and strength- Aisan brought her baby earth side. Little Selma was born the night before Valentine’s Day, during a thunder storm, just hours after another birth client had a little girl in a neighboring East Bay city.I had the honor of watching Aisan’s labor progress over the four long days. Without a doubt, one of the sweetest moments of her entire birth story was when she able to introduce her daughter to her mother through a video call. 

      Weeks later, when she received her birth photos she was able to share it with her mother. These images allowed Aisan’s mother to witness her daughter during one of the most transformational experiences of her life. They helped her mother and her family to feel as though they were with her during the experience, even when they were thousands of miles away. 

      Aisan Hoss is an internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer, artist, cultural ambassador, teacher, and business owner. She is brave, confident, and sincere, and she’ll be raising a daughter to become a woman of our next generation. 

      Just as these photographs helped Aisan and her mother to feel even more connected, one day they will be passed down the matriarchal line to help baby Selma connect to the mothers in her family through the shared experience of birth and the first moments of motherhood captured in her birth photography story.

      Here is Aisan’s healthy, successful East Bay hospital birth story. I am honored to share that this story was published on the Birth Becomes Her website. If you are interested in learning more about my birth photography training, style and approach, check out my FAQ page here . Or drop me a message here to inquire about your due date.


      Woman in labor, leaning on her birth ball between contractions.Woman in labor, lying on a hospital bed and sweetly holding her husband's hand as the nurse checks the baby monitor on her belly.East Bay birth photography story.Woman laying on a hospital bed, delivering her first baby as her husband supports her.Newborn baby, just seconds old is held up by the doctor in an East Bay Hospital Birth StoryNew mother holding her baby for the first time and crying after her birth in the East Bay of San Ramon, California.Newborn baby on her mother's chest after her San Ramon Regional Medical Center birth.East Bay birth photography story.New mother meets her newborn daughter just after giving birth in an East Bay, California hospital.Hospital birth photography story at San Ramon Regional Medical CenterFather and his newborn daughter after their East Bay hospital birth.New Father kisses his newborn daughter for the first time after her birth in the East Bay of the San Francisco's Bay Area.New mother holds her baby just minutes after birth, and is smiling with relief. East Bay Hospital Birth StorySan Ramon birth photography story First time mother holds her newborn baby after giving birth in an East Bay hospital.

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