From the first moment I met Nicole and Tony, I could see that they were a very connected couple. They researched together, they planned their birth together, they communicated together and they were committed to laboring “together” in every sense of the word. They chose to have their first child at Kaiser Roseville Hospital and came prepared with a birth plan, some beautiful calming music, and a deeply connected, and determined attitude. They decided to hire a birth photographer to document every step of their Kaiser Roseville birth story, and their precious first moments with their son. Throughout their birth, I was in awe of their strength as a couple and touched by their love and commitment to each other. I was also deeply impressed by the absolute care and presence of the staff at Kaiser Roseville at honoring both the requests and space of my clients through their labor. 

      First time mother Nicole was completely supported in her birth and I had the honor of watching her step into motherhood with such dedication. As a birth photographer, I document a visual narrative of the births I witness. But I know that every story is deeper than photographs for my laboring mamas. So, after delivering her birth photography gallery, I asked Nicole if she had any reflections on her experience becoming a mother. This is what she shared with me. Here is Nicole’s Kaiser Roseville birth story, in her own words: 

      “As regular contractions began I became nervous and anxious. Not knowing the intensity that would come or even the slightest idea of how labor and delivery would pan out. I woke my husband on April 26,2019 at 3am. I told him what I was feeling. He suggested a walk. We walked around the block, I slowly waddled and paused at the contraction. Breathing in knowing what I was beginning to experience was just starting and it was nearing the time to meet our child that we had only imagined and dreamed about for years.

      We arrived at Kaiser Roseville hospital at 9am. As a team with my midwife and nurse we decided to stay, despite only being 3cm dilated, but my contractions were 4 minutes apart. I thought to myself this is not what they taught us in birth class, I should be further dilated. I now know there is no textbook that can ever prepare you for what I was about to endure. 

      As the hours passed and the intensity of my contractions grew I became sentimental. I cried with my husband, not about the pain but about our life. The life that we were blessed with, this new, exciting experience, the life that was to come very soon with our son. My late grandmother kept creeping into my heart, I became emotional many times thinking I wish she was still with us here on Earth side to give words of encouragement and eventually to meet her great grandchild. I found comfort feeling her with me during this entire experience; labor, delivery, motherhood. 

      After several hours and little change in dilation I made the decision to have my waters broken. At this point in my birth story, time fast forwarded. As my transition began I had to remind myself of a phrase a good friend had told me “dig deep”. I was telling myself this still not fathoming what was to come. I lost track of time and even the space I was in. I remember glancing around the room thinking for a moment “Where am I? What am I doing?” The powerful contractions continued. I felt this would never end. In a moment of sobriety, I stopped my wrenching face and looked seriously at my nurse and asked her worriedly, “how long can someone do this for?!” I felt like I was going crazy. 

      I labored in the shower for some time. I felt I could not endure this power taking over me any longer. My husband asked for a moment alone. Everyone left the room. At this point I was on all 4s, screaming as I had never screamed in my life. The power was just too strong, there was nothing I could do to stop it. I couldn’t walk away. He looked me deep in the eyes and reminded me of my wishes; he reminded me of this time nearing its end and it would not last for hours. He told me I was strong and beautiful and he knew I could do this. This pep talk is just what I needed to finish this journey. 

      Back in bed the power and sensations were stronger than ever. I felt like a bowling ball was making its way down to come through my lady parts. I see my nurse and midwife enter the room, relief came over me knowing we were near the end of my birth.

      As I began to push I told myself I am too exhausted to do this, I couldn’t do this. There was no choice. The mirror in front of me displayed my life as a movie I was watching live. I could see a bulge coming, my midwife instructed me to bear down and push as hard as I could. I pushed, I pushed, I pushed. She told me to reach down and feel his head. I did, I wanted this to be over so bad. Feeling his head was the encouragement I needed to continue. She told me to push again. I see in the mirror his head crowing. Time to rest before the next push, but seeing his head I could not rest I needed him out. I dug deep and pushed harder than I ever thought I could and I birthed my son! The contractions immediately stopped. It was sobering.

      I looked at my husband, he had just caught our baby, he was in disbelief. My son was born, very unexpectedly, with the same condition as my husband: aplasia cutis congenita. I had no idea that this was the case until after a quick skin to skin, cutting of the delayed placenta chord then he was brought to be examined by the medical team. I thought this was all very normal. It wasn’t until my husband joined me, next to the hospital table as my vagina is being sewed in various places; he had tears in his eyes but not happy tears. He told me what our son was born with, my reaction was “so, that’s ok, is that it?” I was so relieved for my baby to be here Earth side, nothing could take away the relief and euphoria I felt in that moment. My midwife’s beautiful smile helped me realize everything was the way it was supposed to be.  

      The birth of my son was something no one could have ever prepared me for. The confidence I had for myself both physically and spiritually got me to a certain point; my husband and support team and blind faith in my own power helped the rest of the way. 

      I am beyond pleased with how my birth story turned out. I am proud of myself for enduring what I did. I feel on top of the world, but exhausted with a newborn. I need a nap!”

      – Nicole 

      Baby Abram was born at 1:30 am on a warm spring night. Nicole and Tony received enormous support and guidance from the staff at Kaiser Roseville on the genetic condition affecting his feet and ankles, and how to approach his healing and growth. Baby Abram is thriving and healing quickly and their whole family is grateful for the blessing that he brought into their lives. 

      Here are some later reflections from Nicole:

       “When they say babies change fast, it’s true. His look changes every day. He came into this world as little skinny baby and now 6 weeks later his is filling in and become heavier in my arms. When he was born, his eyes couldn’t stay still constantly moving, but now he rests his gaze on me and smiles. It’s the most incredible feeling to know he knows who I am, his mother.”

      And her journey into motherhood has just begun! Enjoy these images of baby Abram’s Kaiser Roseville birth photography story.

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      Loving couple embrace during childbirth at Roseville Kaiser Hospital Birth PhotographyKaiser Roseville Birth Photography StoryFirst time mother, in labor and being supported by her husband at Kaiser Hospital Roseville Birth Photography Story Kaiser Roseville Birth Photography Story Laboring couple go for a walk during their birth at Kaiser Roseville Hospital.Laboring couple go for a walk during their birth at Kaiser Roseville Hospital.Laboring couple go for a walk during their birth at Kaiser Roseville Hospital.Woman in labor holds her husbands hand in a hospital bed at Roseville KaiserBaby being born in a birth photography storyRoseville Birth Photography StoryNew dad cuts the umbilical cord of his newborn son.Newborn baby with aplasia cutis congenita at Kaiser Roseville Hospital.Roseville Birth Photography StoryMother holds her newborn baby for the first time in a Kaiser hospital bedNewborn baby nurses for the first time after his birth at Kaiser Roseville Hospital.Newborn baby and his placenta in a Roseville birth photography story

      Absolutely beautiful, all of it! I so enjoyed reading the story and was completely captivated, sucked in, hanging on every word & tearing up! And then then photos really brought the entire story together. I truly feel as if the photos captured the energy of the magic. Beautiful work! Congrats to the sweet family too!

      Thank you, thank you! Birth is such a beautiful process to me that documenting it in a graceful, artistic way is easy and natural. And little Abram and his family are thriving! Thank you for taking the time to read.

      This is so beautiful! I am deeply touched by the connection I see between these two in the photographs, and by the dedication that is obvious in this labor! I teared up as I saw how this new father lovingly supported this new mother, the persistence and strength of this new mother, and the gorgeous documented narrative that this photographer took the time to do. This is more than great photography, this is sharing the most special moments and creating memories for a lifetime. Beautiful work!

      Maria, thank you for taking the time to read and truly feel this birth story. This mama & papa worked hard for their connected, loving first birth and I am honored that I was trusted to document AND share their story with the world!

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